Yosef Uziel MD, MSc

Yosef Uziel MD, MSc
Professor of Pediatrics
Head of pediatric rheumatology unit, Chair of residency educational committee, Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba; Tel Aviv University, Israel

Chair - (elected) - clinical affairs

My personal commitment for PReS are the following: 
1.    To be active member of the council, to help in advancing our doctors level of expertise and knowledge and to improve the care our patients receive.
2.    To further promote international cooperation within the PRES framework, mainly  the clinical fields.
3.    To strengthen the links between the working parties groups, together with young rheumatologists, ENCA and PRINTO.. 
4.    To expand the website adding more detailed information in many aspects, literature updates, all the questionaires and tools in the different diseases and more.
5.    To help in organizing educational basic and advanced courses.