Basic/Translational Research Clinical Research
YIM 2021 PReS e-Congress 1st Prize Kate Webb (South Africa) - SARS-COV-2 antibody phenotype and immune gene expression in MIS-C Marta Mazzoni (Italy) - Can musculoskeletal ultrasound and serum biomarkers predict disease flare in JIA patients in clinical remission?
2nd Prize M. Javad Wahadat (Netherlands) - Gene signature fingerprints divide SLE patients in subgroups with similar biological disease profiles: A multicentre longitudinal study Remco Erkens (Netherlands) - Development of clinical definitions of refractory disease trajectories in systemic JIA
3rd Prize Beth Jebson (UK) - JIA-Uveitis: a B-cell driven disease? Naomi Egbivwie (UK) - Treatment of juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematous - “real world” data from the UK JSLE Cohort study
YIM 2020 PReS e-Congress  1st Prize M. Javad Wahadat (Netherlands) Roberta Caorsi (Italy) 
2nd Prize Emiliano Marasco (Italy)  Ummusen Kaya Akca (Turkey) 
3rd Prize Julie Poline (France)  Merel Nap-Van Der Vlist (Netherlands) 
YIM 2019 Madrid, Spain 1st Prize Emiliano Marasco (Italy) Ezgi Deniz Batu (Turkey)
2nd Prize George Robinson (UK) Camilla Celani (Italy)
3rd Prize Anna Surace (UK/Netherlands) Veronika Rypdal (Norway)
YIM 2018 Lisbon, Portugal 1st Prize Christoph Kessel (Germany) Gabriella Giancane (Italy)
2nd Prize Lotte Nijhuis (Netherlands) Claire Deakin (UK)
3rd Prize Kate Webb (UK) Silvia Federici (Italy)
YIM 2017 Athens, Greece 1st Prize Nienke Van Haar (Netherlands) Eve Smith (UK)