Meet the PReS Council Members

Angelo Ravelli
Genoa, Italy
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Michael W Beresford
Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Jelena Vojinovic
Nis, Serbia

Chair, Training and Education committee
Jordi Antón
Barcelona, Spain
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Chair, Research Committee
Fabrizio De Benedetti, MD
Rome, Italy

Chair, Clinical Affairs Committee
Yosef Uziel MD, MSc
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Health Professionals
Jeannette Cappon
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Trainee Representative
Lovro Lamot, MD, PhD
Zagreb, Croatia
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Co-opted members:

Chair of PRINTO
Nicola Ruperto
Genoa, Italy

Chair, EULAR Standing Committee on Paediatric Rheumatology (elect)
Tadej Avcin, MD
Ljubljana, Slovenia

ENCA representative
Wendy Costello
Tipperary, Ireland

Honorary members:
Patricia Woo, MD
London, United Kingdom

Anne-Marie Prieur, MD
Paris, France 

Wietse Kuis
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Alberto Martini
Genoa, Italy