Vaccination working party

Number of members: 30 members

Members of the core team:


Aim of the WP: The main objective is to form a platform for multicentre collaboration. Recommendations for vaccination in paediatric rheumatology patients are based on low level of evidence so multicentre studies are needed.

Goals in each pillar for 2019-2020:

Educational activities (ongoing/planned): education for health professionals, education material / presentation for the PRES website; to include vaccinations in PRES special courses for rheumatic diseases

Activities for clinical care (ongoing/planned): Promotion of vaccination, connection with parent organization, vaccinations in developing countries

Activities in science & research:

  • Achieved projects/publications (the most recent ones, max 3):

    On the PRES congress in Lisbon 2018 we already presented the first abstract with the title: Challenges in achieving consensus for vaccination with live attenuated vaccines in children with rheumatological disease- the variability of vaccination practices across the globe

    On the EULAR / PRES congress in Madrid 2019 presented two abstracts: Live attenuated vaccines in pediatric rheumatic diseases are safe: Multicenter, retrospective data collection- article sent for publication and An international survey on approaches towards immunization in children with rheumatic diseases: a report of the PReS Vaccinations Working Group

  • Ongoing projects and whom to contact to be involved in each project: contact

    Safety and immunogenicity of live attenuated vaccines in paediatric rheumatology patients in prospective study / Long term efficacy of vaccines in paediatric rheumatology patients- do we need booster doses?

    We would like to invite all members of PRES community to join us, especially young investigators, young doctors from EMERGE group and all other who have interest in this field.

Educational presentation

Statement: Vaccination against Influenza

2020 Report