PReS-CARRA Research Grant

Results of the grant application

The purpose of this funding announcement is to support collaborative research activities between CARRA and PReS early career investigators. Early career investigators are defined as faculty (not fellows) less than 10 years from completion of training. 



Title: Speaking the Same Language: International cross-validation of emerging biomarkers for juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Lay Summary: New lab tests have great promise in the care of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). This includes S100 proteins, IL-18, and CXCL9. However, results of these tests can differ due to the local procedures used at different centers. It is currently not known whether test results from different labs are comparable. This study will determine how levels of new JIA lab tests compare across different international rheumatology centers. We will first use samples “spiked” with known amounts of these lab markers to build conversion factors. We will then use samples from children with systemic JIA to see if these conversion factors work in the real world. These findings will be very significant to allow wider use of new lab tests in daily practice. These findings will also benefit future international studies on JIA.

Co-PI: Grant Schulert, MD, PhD                                      Co-PI: Christoph Kessel, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center                  Universita╠łtsklinikum Mu╠łnster



Collaborators: Rebecca Marsh, Scott Canna, Dilan Dissanayake, David Cabral, Bas Vastert, Claudia Bracaglia, Carine Wouters

Application Deadline: Closed

Funds may be used to convene meetings, generate preliminary data and/or to support collaborative pilot studies. The goal is to provide seed funds that allow CARRA and PReS investigators to successfully plan and apply for funds to support larger-scale collaborative research activities.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • The extent to which the proposed project have helped generate the proposal, leverages the infrastructure of CARRA and PReS and fosters CARRA/PReS collaboration
  • The topic’s interest and relevance to both CARRA and PReS
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Potential to lead to future collaboration(s) between CARRA and PReS

Funding Amount: Two distinct awards, €25,000 EUR

Funding/Project Period: April 1, 2022 –March 31, 2023

Applicants must adhere to the application instructions on this webpage.

Application portal link:

PReS-CARRA Collaborative Research Award Required Submission Materials:

  • Project Summary/Abstract (300 word max)
  • Lay Summary (150 word max)
  • Specific Aims (limit 1 page)
  • Project Timeline (limit 3 pages)
  • Research Plan (limit 3 pages).  Complete plan here.
  • Specific details of how the PReS Working Parties and CARRA Research Committees have helped generate the proposal, specific benefits of proposal in fostering CARRA / PReS collaboration and plans for larger initiative and potential future funding mechanisms (250 words)
  • References (no page limit)
  • Budget Table (2 page limit)
    • All Principal Investigators (PI) are required to dedicate effort on their projects which must be noted on the budget table. Requesting salary support is optional. A letter of support from a division chief documenting that the % effort is available, and confirming investigator salary (if applicable) must be submitted with each application. If the PI is the division chief, a letter from the Department Chairperson is required.
  • Budget Justification
    • No indirect/overhead costs can be requested.
    • Applicants should allocate approximately half of the budget to CARRA member expenses and half of the budget to PReS member expenses.
    • Specific details of budget allocation and justification should be given
  • NIH-formatted Biosketches for all Principal Investigator(s), Co-Principal Investigator(s), and all Co-Investigator(s) (limit 5 pages per biosketch; please combine all biosketches into one PDF with the PI(s) biosketch listed first.)
  • Letters of Support
    • Required for budgets that include investigator salary/effort. Letter should be from division chief documenting that % effort is available, and confirming investigator salary. (If PI is the division chief, a letter from the Department Chairperson is required.)
    • Letters of support from collaborators are required.
    • Letters of support from mentors and institution(s) are highly recommended.
  • Research Assurances
    • Submit documentation of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) review, if applicable. Funds will not be released until either 1) IRB approval letter or 2) IRB waiver/documentation that IRB has determined your project is exempt from IRB review is received.
  • Appendix (limit 1 attachment)


Important Information for CARRA-PReS Collaborative Research Award Submissions

Read the CARRA-PreS Collaborative Research Award instructions carefully. Be sure to be compliant with formatting instructions and page limits. Use of the document templates provided above is REQUIRED. Submit your completed CARRA-PreS Collaborative Research Award application via the online application.

  • If you are requesting infrastructure support from CARRA or PReS, you must email with a brief summary of your request no later October 25, 2021 to arrange a phone call to discuss your request.
  • Funds will be provided to the awardee’s institutions to be used by the principal investigator’s according to the project budget. CARRA and PReS will arrange to provide funds to their respective members’ institutions.
  • If the PI’s are unable to complete the project, any unexpended balance must be returned.
  • Awardees are expected to submit an abstract(s) and ensure that the work is presented annually at the CARRA and PReS Annual Meeting(s) until the project is complete.
  • Budgets may not include travel required to present abstracts at CARRA and PReS Annual Meetings.
  • Publication and presentation costs are not allowed.
  • No indirect/overhead costs will be provided in addition to the award
  • Applicants will be notified of funding decisions by mid-February 2022.
  • If the project is not completed within the project period, the award recipient may request a no-cost extension (NCE) for up to 12 months.  Requests for NCEs can be made up to 90 days prior, but no less than 30 days prior, to the project period end date. An interim progress report must be submitted with the NCE Request Form.  NCE requests will be considered by the review committee but are not guaranteed.
  • Awardees must submit a final progress report no later than 45 days after the project period end date.
  • All awardees must acknowledge the support from this funding mechanism in all presentations and publications related to this project by including the following language: “The authors wish to acknowledge CARRA, and the ongoing Arthritis Foundation financial support of CARRA and PReS for this work.”
  • Recipients must abide by CARRA’s and PReS’s relevant organizational policies and guidelines regarding publications.


  • The application must name two co-PIs, one current CARRA member from North America and one current PReS member from outside North America
  • MD applicants must be at a faculty level (not trainees) to be eligible to submit proposals.
  • Applicants must be CARRA or PReS members in good standing.

Review criteria specific to this RFP

  • Extent to which the proposed project leverages the infrastructure of both CARRA and PReS
  • Addresses topic of interest to both CARRA and PReS
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Potential to lead to future collaboration between CARRA and PReS
  • Preference will be given to early career investigators (as determined by each organization)

Email with any questions.

Email with any questions.

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