Uveitis working party

The composition:

  • Chair: Gabriele Simonini, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Paediatric Rheumatology Unit, Anna Meyer Children’ Hospital, Florence

Formally born on 2016 during the PRES meeting held in Genoa, the WP at the present consists of 25 members, all belonging to PRES. The members participate in the group’s mailing list. The WP arranges a meeting annually during the PReS Congress and all members are invited by e-mail. Approximately 20-40 members attend annually. A specific and customized mailing list is regularly keep updated in order to stay in touch members over the year

Aim of the Working group are:

  • To set up an opthalmologist and rheumatologist network of physicians interested in childhood uveitis
  • To forester activities in clinical and basic research regarding juvenile idiopathic arthritis related uveitis.
  • To improve the quality of care for patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis related uveitis.

During the WP, an update on the activities in the previous year is given, as well as ongoing and new projects are presented. Anyone is strongly invited to present new ideas and projects in a collaborative fashion. A difficult and challenge case section is also reserved for general discussion and considerations

Ongoing projects

  • To establish an assessment sheet of uveitis, possibly electronic, in order to improve and standardize the communication between paediatric rheumatologist and ophthalmologist
  • Implementation and update of the SHARE Uveitis guidelines
  • Cross Cultural Adaption of the EYEQL in most European languages
  • Planning of a prospective registry of Juvenile Non-infectious Uveitis patients, founding is needed

2020 Report

2019 Report