Health Professionals Community of Practice and Science - DECEMBER 2020


Dear colleagues, Health Professionals in PReS,


I hope you are well in this ongoing disaster by the coronavirus. I wish you good health, not only physical but also mentally and emotionally. It can be exhausting to adapt to our new social distance society, dealing with uncertainty, adapting daily routines and more.


You might also have experienced resilience and creativity and valued what really matters for you in these times. One of the occasions where I experienced new energy this year was when I met you: via emails, in the e-congress, as speaker or as participant in sessions and in the ZOOM meetings organized after the congress. It was great to meet colleagues eager to exchange experiences in the field of pediatric rheumatology, dedicated to improving the care for children with rheumatic diseases.

The re-launch of the health professionals’ community was in a way helped by the pandemic, which forced us to develop our digital skills using technical e-platforms. We

got used to see and hear ourselves, projected on a small screen between many others. We learned to switch between being focused and tuned out for some minutes, shutting camera and muting, forgetting to unmute many times. But when we are “on air”, the meetings might be even more intimate than in a big room with many persons.


The rescheduled digital PReS congress made attending as cheap and easy as never before. A record of attendees, including many HP, logged in from all over the world. Hereby a short compilation video, meant as a reminder to watch the sessions before the 25th December. It’s worth it!


We will continue to develop the PReS health professional’s community.


Save the dates:

26th January, 19:30 CET 2nd Community of Practice and Science (ComPaS) ZOOM meeting. We will meet in discipline groups exchanging clinical situations and discuss ideas about PReS website content and news about the PReS Congress 2021.


4th February, 15:30 CET 2nd Interest group Meeting. Topic: outcomes on pain, fatigue, physical fitness, and physical activity and existing recommendations.


If you want to join a ZOOM send an email to Jeannette.cappon@tiscali.nl and visit the website HP section for more information:


Warm regards and wishing you all a healthy joyful 2021

Jeannette Cappon, HP Committee Chair PReS Council

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