Jordi Antón, Dr.

Head of the Pediatric Rheumatology Department at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona
Associate Professor. University of Barcelona, Spain

I strongly support the PRES mission dedicated to advance the care and to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people with rheumatic conditions, being Education one of its key pillars. I believe in the importance to collaborate and work closely with national representatives and with the Training and Education representatives of the different working groups. Education for young professionals and specialists is one of my main concerns. It’s very important to work closely with Trainees.

Among the aims of our society is to provide guidelines and standards for the training of doctors in the practice of Pediatric Rheumatology. I believe we must explore ways to foster exchanges and collaborations. We must also improve training using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to arrive to all our members and the rest of the Pediatric Rheumatology Community and Allied Health Related Professionals, specially to those who work in more distant or undeveloped areas.