Pediatric International Consortium for Scleroderma (PICS) Survey on potential classification criterion for juvenile systemic sclerosis (jSSc)

Date: 21.03.2024

Our PICS group, led by pediatric rheumatologists in PReS and CARRA, is working to develop high performing classification criteria for jSSc, one of the most severe paediatric rheumatic diseases. Long-term outcome for jSSc remains poor, with advances in care limited by its rarity and the lack of sensitive classification criteria. Please help us with this project by answering our survey:

Deadline: 10 April 2024

We are working to develop classification criteria that will perform well in the worldwide jSSc population. This will enable broadly international treatment trials to be conducted, and thereby improve care and outcomes.

Your answers will help us identify which features you consider to be appropriate to include as a criterion, and inform us about their worldwide prevalence. 

Thank you very much for your consideration and support!


Suzanne Li for the PICS group