PReS PRINTO Research Grant

PReS / PRINTO Research Grant - 5th Call for Applications

For the fifth consecutive year, PReS and PRINTO are happy to announce the annual call for projects in the context of the cooperation between the PReS Working Parties (WP2.0) and PRINTO, with the aim of fostering excellence in the field of Paediatric Rheumatology through diverse strategies, spanning from the provision of training and medical care to implementation of translational and clinical research

In this 2023 call, one single project will receive funds for a total of 3 years. PReS will grant a financial contribution to the winner of €10,000/year (total €30,000, covering primarily personnel, meetings and networking costs with volunteer participation from centres). Additionally, the equivalent of €30,000 in work force will be provided by PRINTO by way of technical, administrative and scientific support for the implementation of international collaborative studies (feasibility, databases, ethics committee’s submission, quality check on data collection, publications etc.).

The requirements to participate in the call are the following:

  • Applying PI and co-PI must hold a valid PReS membership (please contact for further information);
  • Applying PI and co-PI must be members of PRINTO (please visit or contact for further information);
  • At least one between PI and co-PI must be aged up to 40 years;
  • The support requested of PRINTO must be described clearly in the proposal;
  • The proposed project should involve at least three countries, and partners in the proposal must provide a formal commitment letter of support to the PI on their institution letterhead with clear indication of their role in the project;
  • Patient associations must be involved in the definition of the research needs and in the design of the proposal.

The following features may be considered in the evaluation:

  • The applying PI of the project and their Home institution should be based in a European Paediatric Rheumatology Centre;
  • The applying PI should clearly state whether the proposed project has already received any additional sources of funding from other organizations/entities;
  • A specific proposal cannot be submitted for evaluation for more than two consecutive calls.

The deadline for presentation of the projects is February 15th 2024.

For submission inquiries, please contact the PRINTO Coordinating Centre ( You can download here the Grant template to be used. Please consider that any proposal not presented using the official Grant template will be excluded from evaluation.

In due course, the proposals will be peer-reviewed by a selection committee including the Research PReS Counselor (Chair), 1 PReS Council Member, 2 PRINTO Council Members and 1 patient representative.

Any publication(s) arising from the projects will be followed after the byline of authors “for the PReS WP2.0 (name of the WP2.0) and PRINTO” as per the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJEs) criteria ( and the PRINTO publication policy ( The PI and co-PI will be first or last authors.

PReS Research Committee,
PReS Executive Council,
PRINTO Chairman and Senior Scientist.


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The Evaluating Committee has received 5 applications, all of very high quality. 

We are glad to announce that the grant has been awarded to the project “Development and validation of consensus-based guidelines for scoring the Physician Global Assessment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis”, PI Dr Veronika Rypdal (Tromsø, NO).


In this call, 4 applications were received and we are now very glad to announce that the proposal “Optimizing treatment in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA) and macrophage activation syndrome (MAS)/secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH): a PReS/PRINTO initiative”, PI Dr Francesca Minoia (Milano, IT), has been selected. 


For the 2020 PReS/PRINTO call, the Evaluating Committee has received 6 proposals, all of good quality. We thank all the proponents for their interest and participation.
We are glad to announce that the grant has been awarded to the project “Comparison and performance of Kobayashi and Kawanet IVIg resistance scores in a multi-centric European and North Indian cohort of Kawasaki disease”, PI Dr Maria Vincenza Mastrolia (Firenze, IT).


A call for grant was published in 2019 and resulted in 8 applications and one grant awarded to the project:  “Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Localised Scleroderma Quality of Life Instrument (LoSQI) in juvenile localised scleroderma (JLS): a multicentre study of the PRES scleroderma working party in collaboration with members of the CARRA scleroderma working group” presented by Dr Clare Pain