Council Elections 2023

Date: 04.05.2023

As announced at our 2022 General Assembly in Prague, the positions of President and Treasurer of PReS are to be appointed this year, to take effect from the General Assembly in September 2024. Applicants need to submit their formal application by 10th June, 17h00 CET.


Alongside the position of Secretary, these three positions form the PReS Executive. They therefore have senior responsibility for the oversight and delivery of the PReS Mission and its Objectives as laid down in its Constitution.

  • The President shall chair the General Assembly and the Council of the Society and represent the Society with regard to third parties.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial management of the Society and shall prepare the financial statements.
  • Together, the Executive are responsible for ensuring all the activities and initiatives of PReS are dedicated to advance the care and improve the health and well-being of children and young people with rheumatic diseases across the globe.

In accordance with the PReS Constitution and to ensure smooth transition between the current and future President and Treasurer, the nomination and election of these two posts will take place this summer 2023, so that the successful candidates will be able to work alongside the current incumbents from the General Assembly onwards, as ‘President-Elect’ and ‘Treasurer-Elect’, respectively.


Potential candidates

The PReS Executive and Council are looking for exceptional candidates who are fully committed to contributing to and advancing the goals of the Society, in particular the PReS Mission and the success of our strategy ‘PRES 2025’, and in developing and leading the PReS forward strategy. In view of the seniority and responsibility associated with both these roles, the current PReS Executive and Council are seeking candidates who have already demonstrated commitment and taken on position(s) of responsibility within PReS. They would be expected to have had senior positions within their own local / national context, in which they have had roles and responsibilities demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, senior management experience, and leadership of large, multi-professional teams. In view of the extensive range of meetings associated with these roles both positions entail, candidates need to be resident and working in Europe.


The current PReS Executive and Council are looking for excellent team players with a clear vision of the future of pediatric rheumatology, willing to explore new ideas and able spend and invest time to contribute to the future of PReS. The current PReS Executive and Council feels that the Executive and Council should reflect gender balance and geographical representation, where possible.

In view of the importance and responsibility of both positions, in order to gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of the positions, before formal nomination any potential candidates for:

  • PReS President would be expected to arrange to speak confidentially with the current PReS President and PReS Secretary; and for
  • PReS Treasurer, would be expected to arrange to speak confidentially with the PReS President and any of the current Executive.

Nominations and elections

In line with our constitution, we will be undertaking a democratic process open to all PReS Members. Both positions are open to nominations. An anonymous, electronic election will take place between 1st - 18th September 2023.

  • Only those with up to date PReS Membership will be eligible to vote, as ratified at the last General Assembly, September 2022.
  • All those existing members who still need to renew membership in 2022/23 will need to do so before the launch date of this election in order to be able to vote
  • Only PReS Members in good standing with the Society will be eligible to self-nominate.


All applicants will need by 17.00hrs (CEST) on 10th June 2023 to:


Please note, elections will be entirely confidential and take place electronically between 1st-18th September 2023 amongst PReS members.

  • The results will be subsequently announced. The results will be formally announced at the very beginning of the 2023 PReS General Assembly in Rotterdam.


Angelo Ravelli, President of PRES

Tadej Avčin, Secretary of PReS

On behalf of the PReS Council