Invitation to EULAR / PReS from PReS Executive Committee

Date: 13.02.2019

It is with the greatest pleasure that we invite you to join us at the upcoming joint EULAR/PReS meeting in Madrid. This is a special moment for pediatric rheumatology and our very close collaboration with EULAR.

In 2018 we celebrated the 25th PReS conference, launching a new mission and strategic program: PReS 2025. Together we, healthcare professionals, scientists, patients and parent groups, vowed to advance the care and improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people with rheumatic conditions.

We are not alone in this commitment. Over all these years EULAR has been our natural partner, and for a good reason: our patients also need the best possible care after their 18th birthday! Our efforts today are intended to offer our patients the very best chance to follow their dreams and aspirations tomorrow. In this endeavor our adult colleagues are our strongest allies.

Ever since the first PReS Congress 25 years ago we have had joint conferences to share and exchange knowledge. In view of the importance of our alliance, this year EULAR and PReS Councils decided to take the joint congress to the next level. This year the walls will come down: we will build a truly integrated programme. No more silo’s: pediatric rheumatology will be visible and integrated throughout the full EULAR program. ENCA & (young) PARE; EMEUNET and EMERGE; and scientists and health professionals from both EULAR and PRES; we all will be meeting and working together with a simple common goal: to make a difference for our patients.

This offers exceptional possibilities for everyone, much more than in separate EULAR or PReS congresses. We can learn from each other and be inspired by new perspectives offered by our colleagues. All that in the magical city of Madrid: the city of Velazquez, Cervantes and Lorca. Madrid, the city of a brand-new and inspirational EULAR/PReS 2019 congress.

We are looking forward very much to seeing you in Madrid soon!

Berent Prakken, PReS President
Michael Beresford, Chair, PReS Scientific Committee

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