Click HERE to read the newly revised European Training Syllabus as a pdf-file. (To read it you need Acrobat Reader). The revision of the syllabus and training programme was unanimously accepted by the European Academy of Pediatrics and the European Board of Pediatrics meeting in Grado on April 27th 2008.

European Training Syllabus and Programme in Paediatric Rheumatology


This syllabus describes the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for attaining the title "European Paediatric Rheumatologist" as defined by the paediatric section of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). It is expected that European paediatric rheumatologists will practice their skills and apply their expertise within the framework of a specialised tertiary care unit, division, department, hospital, or outpatients department. Furthermore, such specialists will have commitment to train general paediatricians, paediatricians with an interest in paediatric rheumatology, rheumatologists and specialist paediatric rheumatologists.

In general this syllabus intends to achieve the following:

1. Harmonisation of training programmes in paediatric rheumatology between different European countries.

2. Establish clearly defined standards of knowledge and skills required to practice paediatric rheumatology at the tertiary level.

3. Foster development of a European network of competent tertiary care centres for paediatric rheumatology.

4. Improved care of children within Europe with chronic as well as acute rheumatic disorders.

5. Enhanced European contribution to international scientific progress in the field of paediatric rheumatology.

Please see the pdf-file above for the full and current syllabus!

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