Allied health professionals

PReS strongly emphasizes a multidisciplinary effort in clinical care and research in children with rheumatic diseases. It therefore seeks for collaboration with all professionals that participate in clinical care and research in the field of pediatric rheumatology.

The Allied Health section of PreS, hosts all health professions. In the PreS organization The Allied Health section of PreS represents all Allied Health Professionals (AHP) from European countries.

AHP participants seek for the best possible, evidence based, approach to treat the physical and psychosocial consequences of a rheumatic disease in childhood.

PreS-AHP focuses its efforts on: 

  • Sharing expertise, based on good clinical practice,
  • Developing protocols for clinical care and
  • Supporting and initiating disability research.

What does PreS-AHP has to offer?

  • PreS-AHP offers a growing international network for sharing expertise and collaboration in research.
  • An international platform for presentation and discussion at the annual scientific meeting.
  • Workshops of special interest groups (e.g. disability research, splint techniques, family support).
  • A membership that provides special rates at the annual scientific meetings.

 PreS-AHP now and in the future:

  • A series of meetings have resulted in a concept document in which agreement is reached over the use of a Health model and a core set of AHP related outcome measures.
  • The Health Model is based on the WHO 2002 ICF. This model will be used in the future as leading model for designing care and disability research as well as for the development of a new generation of future outcome measures.
  • A series of workshops on disability research, splint techniques, and family support. New initiatives are   welcomed.
  • An electronic newsletter (once a year) with a selection of articles of interest, especially for those members that have limited entry or resources to electronic databases. (2004 initiative of the AHP executive council member).  Get your copy of the most recent newsletter here (Summer 2015 and Spring 2016)

Your executive council member for the AHP is:

Jan-Jaap van der Net
Utrecht, the Netherlands

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