Clinical affairs

The PRES clinical affairs committee is an international collaborative group of PRES members with a specific interest in and commitment to fostering excellent clinical care for children with rheumatic conditions.

The aims and activities of the committee include

  • sharing expertise in clinical diagnosis and care with the PRES community in and beyond Europe
  • disseminating current guidelines for Pediatric Rheumatology through the PRES website
  • supporting the development and regular updating of guidelines for rare pediatric rheumatic conditions
  • promoting initiatives for scholarships for hands-on training of young professionals in the field of pediatric rheumatology
  • fostering collaborations and networking aiming at harmonizing policies and legislations to promote access and reimbursement of drugs and biologics for children with rheumatic conditions in and beyond Europe
  • stimulating initiatives to connect health professionals and patient organisations in the PRES community

Chair Clinical Affairs committee Sefi Uziel



You can access to the latest recommendations from the download center.

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