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Unable to attend a WORD Day 2019 activity? There are many ways you can contribute - have a look at our social media challenge (the #buttonchallenge2019) and share our posts with your friends using the hashtag: #wordday2019. Every like, share and retweet goes a long way.




Take part in the #buttonchallenge2019 on social media

We often take the small things in life for granted. Things like tying shoelaces, turning a door knob, playing ball outside or even buttoning up a shirt. We’ve created the #buttonchallenge2019 to shed light on the day-to-day struggles that children with rheumatic diseases face on a day to day basis. Put yourself in the shoes of a child with a rheumatic disease by taking part: Post a video of yourself buttoning up your shirt with gloves on and don’t forget to nominate three friends to do the same. In the spirit of #Wordday2019 – let’s collaborate to spread the word that children get rheumatic diseases too.

The travelling message board activation
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