The Health Professionals of PReS (HP-PReS) Committee hosts all health professions that participate in the clinical care and research for children with rheumatic diseases like nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, physiatrists, sport scientists and podiatrists.

HP-PReS participants seek for the best possible, evidence based, approach to treat the physical and psychosocial consequences of a rheumatic disease in childhood and support patient and parents in dealing with this consequences in daily life.

HP- PReS aims to develop towards 2025 a dedicated Community of Practice and Science where HP exchange knowledge and skills and find resources in order to achieve the highest standards of care for all HP- disciplines, in line with the mission of PReS 2025: “Improve the health and well-being of children and young people with rheumatic conditions

HP PReS calls for dedicated colleagues, willing to contribute to a European and global platform to improve the care leading to better outcomes for the children and their families.

The HP community is expanding its activities by exploring new ways of collaboration with the PReS Research, Educational and Clinical affairs Committees, the working parties of PReS, the patient association ENCA and the EULAR HPR. We will do this by creating both mono disciplinary network groups and multidisciplinary theme Working Parties.

Do you want to join this PReS Health Professional Community and connect with colleagues?

You are welcome to join the Kick-off meeting at the virtual meeting where the network possibilities will be presented and activities and themes for the future are discussed.

In advance you are asked to fill in a survey where you can introduce yourself. This form also can serve as an English CV when you decide to become a PReS member.

Hope to meet you in the virtual meeting.

Jeannette Cappon,
Chair Health Professionals in the PReS Council
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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