PReS 2020 e-Congress Scientific Committee:

  • Chair: Lucy Wedderburn (United Kingdom)
  • Local Organising Chair: Pavla Dolezalova (Czech Republic)
  • Patients/Parents Representative, ENCA: Wendy Costello (Ireland)
  • Health Professionals Lead : Jeannette Cappon (The Netherlands)
  • Emerge/YIM Representative: Lovro Lamot (Croatia)
  • Council Member Lead for Working Parties: Athimalaipet Ramanan (United Kingdom)
  • Scientific Expertise + Previous Meeting Scientific Chair:  Fabrizio de Benedetti (Italy)
  • Scientific Expertise + Basic Science Lead:  Klaus Tenbrock (Germany)
  • Clinical Expertise: Sylvia Kamphuis (The Netherlands)
  • Global perspectives: Chris Scott (South Africa)

PReS Council:

  • President: Berent Prakken (The Netherlands)
  • Secretary:  Michael W Beresford (United Kingdom)
  • Treasurer:  Angelo Ravelli (Italy)
  • Chair, Training and Education Committee: Jordi Anton (Spain)
  • Chair, Research Committee:  Fabrizio de Benedetti (Italy)
  • Chair, Clinical Affairs Committee:  Yosef Uziel (Israel)
  • Health Professionals:  Jeannette Cappon (The Netherlands)
  • Trainee Representative: Lovro Lamot (Croatia)

Co-opted Members

  • Chair of PRINTO:  Nicola Ruperto (Italy)
  • Chair, EULAR Standing Committee on Paediatric Rheumatology (elect): Tadej Avcin (Slovenia)
  • ENCA Representative:  Wendy Costello (Ireland)