Friends, colleagues, members, and partners

These are unprecedented times for our community. The PReS Council and Scientific Organizing Committee of the PReS 2020 Congress remain entirely committed to holding an excellent annual congress in order to pursue the PReS mission: dedicated to advance the care and improve the health and well-being of children and young people with rheumatic conditions. We are therefore now delighted to welcome you to  an innovative, exciting, lively congress, which is the fully virtual event PReS 2020 e-Congress.

The Scientific Organizing Committee has worked to adapt the programme, building upon the exciting themes already developed, retaining our principles of high quality, interdisciplinarity and breadth for the meeting, and now including sessions on COVID-19 in children and young people. The young investigator meeting is still also available and promises an exciting dynamic event also.

We are dedicated to ensuring maximal global reach of the meeting to all of our members and partners, in a safe and accessible manner. The meeting platform offers new and exciting  opportunities for learning, discussion, discovery and networking .  As always the participation and engagement of our members, colleagues, patients, and partners is what makes PReS such a highlight of the year. So we encourage you to register early (register here) and look forward to meeting with you to learn, innovate and enjoy PReS 2020 e-Congress!

Berent Prakken
President of PReS

Lucy R Wedderburn
Scientific Committee Chair of the PReS 2020 Congress

Chris Scott
Scientific Committee deputy-Chair of the PReS 2020 Congress

Pavla Dolezalova
President of the PReS 2020 Local Organising Committee