For the second time, PReS is organizing its Knowledge-Based Exam in Pediatric Rheumatology, which will be held on 11th September 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It is a test of knowledge in pediatric rheumatology accessible to any specialist or future specialist regardless of their country of origin and/or training.

PRES KBE is intended as a measure of the knowledge that should have been achieved at the end of a training in pediatric rheumatology.

Knowledge assessment is a component of competency assessment. It should be taken into account with other measures, such as clinical skills and volume of experience.

Successful candidates will get a certificate demonstrating that their theoretical knowledge of pediatric rheumatology is according to the PRES syllabus.

No national medical body can be obliged to recognize the exam in their country, but it will be valuable evidence of a level of training that will be recognized as such across all the world.

Who can apply?

It is open to pediatricians who are doing a training program in pediatric rheumatology. Applicants will need to provide a letter of confirmation from their training institute that certifies the trainee is a qualified pediatrician, who is doing his training in pediatric rheumatology.

The PRES KBE is also open to already practicing pediatric rheumatologists who would like to confirm their ongoing professional development, or for revalidation. Those pediatric rheumatologists already practicing may present the certificate as pediatric rheumatologist, or attestation from the Clinical Director of the Institution, the Head of the Department or equivalent, of their position in a pediatric rheumatologist post.

Thanks to the support of our society, the registration fees for this year's exam will be very competitive. We encourage all those who may be interested, trainees or active professionals to register. You can see information about Terms and Conditions in the attached document. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do not miss this opportunity and reserve your place!

Best regards,

Jordi Antón and Marija Jelusic

Chair of the Education and Training Committee