Participants at the PReS 2022, Congress in Prague have the opportunity to participate in different workshops.

You will find below programmes of the mini workshops:

Tuesday 20 September 2022, from 13:00 to 14:00

Mini Workshop 1:
Nailfold capillaroscopy
What is normal in nailfold capillaroscopy in children?
Vanessa Smith (BE)
Pathological patterns in different diseases
Dieneke Schonenberg-Meinema (NL) and Claire Pane (UK)
What does NFC tell us about disease course/organ involvement?
Maurizio Cutolo (IT)
Practicing hands-on with nailfold microscopy in groups

Mini Workshop 2:
Data analysis with R-Studio
Pieter Van Dijkhuizen (NL)
Martijn Doeleman (NL)

Data Analysis with R-Studio Basic Module 1*
Description: This workshop aims to introduce the R programming language and RStudio. R is one of the most popular open source languages for data analysis and statistics. The workshop will provide an overview of basic functions, data manipulations, and descriptive statistics. Participants will get hands-on experience with working with a simulated dataset. Furthermore, we will provide additional resources for the participants to advance their own R journey.
Time: 12:45-14:15

Data Analysis with R-Studio Basic Module 2*
Description: This workshop will continue where the R basics course 1 left off. The “tidyverse” package will be introduced. Participants will learn how to manipulate data with dplyr and make publishable graphs/figures with ggplot2 in R. Thereafter, we will dive into statistical analysis using linear and logistic regression. The theory of the workshop will be supported by hands-on exercises with a simulated dataset.
Time: 14:30-16:00

* Each module costs 10 euros and can be booked independently from the other depending on the pre-existing knowledge of the attendee.

Mini Workshop 3:
ERN-RITA Clinical Patient Management System
Presenters/tutors: Zdeněk Doležal, Kateřina Jeníková, Pavla Doležalová

  1. CPMS platform introduction: What are ERNs, what is the purpose of the „CPMS“, pro´s and contra´s of the online consultation system, future interoperability ideas
  2. Who can use CPMS: Types of access to the system, enrolment of patients from non-ERN member centers
  3. A Case study: An example of a paediatric rheumatology CPMS panel
  4. Panel workflow walk-through: Practical excercise of panel functioning

If you already have an access to the CPMS, bring your own laptop and a difficult case data – the RITA team will assist you with data entry.

Wednesday 21 September 2022, from 17:30 to 19:00     

Mini Workshop 4:
Outcome measurement on physical activity (HP)
Workshopleader 1: Sarah Rostlund
Workshopleader 2: Florian Milatz
Anaerob testing Wingate test
Devrim Can Sarac (TR)
Aeroob testing Watt Max test
Mette Nørgard (DK)
Physical activity : Actigraph and PA questionnaires
Deniz Bayraktar (TR)

Additional costs of 10 euros per workshop apply, places are limited.

Participants can register to the mini workshops via the online registration system: