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The group for trainees in paediatric rheumatology has these goals: be recognized as pediatricians or rheumatologists specifically trained to perform pediatric rheumatology. share our problems in training, clinically, in basic science, in lab work; lack of educational programs in many countries, no regulation at all in others; problems getting a job in many countries improve teaching (on the web: lectures, images, X-rays, pictures, schemes, etc.) Look for resources: grants for people that do not have any possibility to train in their country (totally or in particular aspects); help to be able to attend the European meeting. stimulate exchange from countries with a lot of science but too few children to others with huge clinics and not too many resources.

For further information please contact the trainees representative in the council of PRES:

Eve Smith, MD
Liverpool, UK

To all Paediatric Consultants & Neonatologists:

There will be a paediatric NIHR Academic Lecturer post advertised in mid November from Newcastle University & the Postgraduate Deanery. These are academic training posts for people post core training in paeds that must have submitted a PhD and are interested in an academic career (clinical or lab based)! The post comes with 50% protected time for research. If you are aware of any candidates that may qualify, please contact me.

Professor Josef Vormoor, Professor Child Health, Newcastle University