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PReS 2017


UCANRIDE4Arthritis: bicycle charity tour for juvenile arthritis!

From September 19-26th, we (Klaus Tenbrock and Bas Vastert), together with colleagues Claas Hinze, Otto Lelieveld and Michael Hagelstein will cycle all the way from Utrecht to Genoa to raise attention and money for research in JIA. Check out our website at and see how you can support!

You are specifically invited to join for 1 stage (training and a racing bike will be necessary).

Hope you can make it!

Bas Vastert and Klaus Tenbrock


PReS events

PReS Congress

PReS courses

Juvenile Scleroderma Meeting in Hamburg

2nd December 2017



6th Global Congress for Consensus in Paediatrics and Child Health (CIP 2017)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
November 12-15, 2017


2nd December 2017

Schön Klinik Eilbek, House 7, 4th floor Auditorium