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Research Committee

Interested in the Young Investigators Meeting YIM?

YIM: One of the aims of PReS is to stimulate research in the field of Pediatric Rheumatology. One way of doing this is to enable young investigators to increase their skills in reputable laboratories and clinical research groups in Europe and to provide a platform for the exchange of their experiences.

In 2000 PReS founded the annual young investigators research awards, which will be given out each year to authors of the winning abstracts for the scientific pre-conference for young investigators, voted by the assembled audience.

Would you like to join the PReS Working Parties?

Working Parties: PReS also established working parties for rare pediatric rheumatic diseases, namely for:

Macrophage Activation Syndrome (Chairman : Athimalaipet Ramanan, )
Imaging (Chairman: Silvia Magni Manzoni, )
Uveitis (Temporary chairman: Ivan Foeldvari, )
Vasculitis (Chairman: Paul Brogan, )
SLE (Chairman: Michael Beresford, )
Recurrent Fevers (Chairman: Seza Özen, )
Scleroderma (Temporary chairman: Constantin Tamás, )
Juvenile Dermatomyositis (Chairman: Kiran Nistala, )

The chairmen were chosen for 3 years and can be reelected for another 3 years. The objective of these Working Parties is to bring together clinical experience, therapeutic trials and research activities and formulate strategies to increase knowledge and perform therapeutic trials. There have been considerable collaborative activities in many of these working parties and papers have been published or submitted by members of the groups. During the annual European Pediatric Rheumatology Congress these working parties do organize a meeting with their participants.

You will find information on these Working Parties in the program of the next European Pediatric Rheumatology Meeting and on this web site.

Regularly members of PReS request for new Working Parties. It often concerns smaller subjects not fulfilling the criteria for a working party. Most of these subjects can be covered by a research group of interested professionals. It is always possible for these research groups to organize a meeting during the PReS congresses. We request that these activities are reported to the chair of the research committee (Dr Rolando Cimaz) and the president of the PReS (Prof. Dr. A. Martini). As they are activities carried out by PReS members, PReS is in the end responsible for all these activities. Moreover, we may be able to help with networking etc.

Interested in the Young Investigator Meeting?

Dear young investigator, The Young Investigators Meeting will precede the PReS Congress. Young researchers will present their scientific work just before the main scientific meeting.  Registration for YIM to be announced

Abstracts for YIM: Abstracts can be submitted by young (<40 yrs) investigators. to be announced

Prizes: Two prizes will be awarded, one for the best abstract on "Basic science" and one for the best abstract on "Clinical research" (1500 euro each). to be announced

Accommodation: to be announced