Genoa Skyline

© PReS Congress 2013


© PReS Congress 2013

  • Opening Ceremony & Networking Reception
    Wednesday 28 September 2016 from 18:00

    Come and share a great moment of conviviality with your colleagues from all over the world. All participants are welcome.
  • Networking Evening
    Friday 30 September 2016 from 19:00 at Palazzo Ducale
    The PReS 2016 networking dinner will be held at Genoa's Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), which is one of the city's most prestigious symbols. Its construction began in 1298, when Genoa was asserting its economic power throughout the Mediterranean.
    Fee: TBC
    (Pre-registration required)
    Palazzo Ducale

    Palazzo Ducale - Maggior Consiglio - ©G.Cavalieri - Ufficio Informatico)